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I was raised in a small town in Southern Vermont but currently live and work in NYC.  When I'm not making pictures you can find me climbing neon-colored plastic rocks & teaching kids how to do cartwheels. I received my BS in photography from Drexel University.

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Aint-Bad - Art Forum - Auto Straddle - Art Report - BUST Magazine - D&M Magazine - The Establishment - F-Stop Magazine - Hoax Zine - Inquisitive Eater - Juxtapoz Magazine - Luna Luna Mag - New Yorker Online - Photo.Emphasis - Triple Canopy


Artist Residency, Brooklyn Boulders 2016

American Photography 31, Selected Photographer


Brooklyn Boulders - Barbara Hammer - Company Gallery - Compassion & Caring - Elkel NYC - Homecoming Drag Show - Leslie-Lohman Museum - Mal Blum & the Blums - Out of System Transfer


2019 Exhibiting Photographer @ Negative Space 4: Female & Genderqueer Photographers, Brooklyn Grain, Brooklyn

2019 Exhibiting Photographer @ BREAK A LEG: Performance-based & Constructed Imagery, sUgAR Gallery, Arkansas

2018 Photography & animation featured in performance of “The Art of Dying” by Barbara Hammer @ The Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC

2016 Participant in performance of “Evidentiary Bodies” by Barbara Hammer @ Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn

2016 Exhibiting Printmaker @ Greenpoint Gallery March Show, Brooklyn

2015 Exhibiting Photographer @ Philadelphia Photo Arts Center 6th Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Philadelphia

2015 Exhibiting Photographer @ Palladium Print Show, URBN Center, Philadelphia

2015 Exhibiting Printmaker @ Ross Commons Winter Show, Philadelphia

2014 Exhibiting Photographer @ Western Landscapes Exhibition, URBN Cnter, Philadelphia

(Self-Published Zines)

2018 Everything Is Fine

2018 Seasonal Affection Disorder, featuring poetry by Liz von Klemperer

2017 Broken Jade, in collaboration with Rae Davis

2016 They Make Noise, in collaboration with Liz von Klemperer

2015 Eat Me